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The commune of Święciechowa is located in the Leszno district, in the southern part of the Wielkopolska province. On the west it border the commune of Wschowa in the Nowa Sól district in the Lubuskie province, on the north – the commune of Włoszakowice and Lipno, on the east – the city of Leszno and the commune of Rydzyna, and on the south – the commune of Góra in the Góra district in the Lower Silesian province. The surface area of the commune is 135 km2, which makes it a medium-sized commune. As of 4 January 2005, there were 7.140 inhabitants of which 2.640 inhabitants in Święciechowa.

The area of the commune of Święciechowa is made of three picturesque landscapes. The Leszno plain, a zone of moraine hills and the Valley of the Polish Trough. There are fragments of a few landscape parks in the commune: the Przemęcki Landscape Park established in 1991, covering a portion of the Gołanice area with a village habitation bordering the commune of Włoszakowice; the Area of Protected :Landscape created in 1998 (area number 1 – Przemęcko - Wschowski and the forest area of Włoszakowice, covering the Krzyckie Lake and a portion of the Gołanice area with a village habitation – bordering the commune of Włoszakowice), (area number 2 – a forest complex covering a portion of the Święciechowa habitation and expanse and the area of Krzycko Małe – borders the communes of Lipno and Włoszakowice), (area number 3 – Krzywińsko – Osiecki – covering a portion of Henrykowo village to the south of the route Leszno – Góra – borders the towns of Góra, Rydzyna and Leszno).

Arable land covers 8 162 hectares, i.e. 60.8% of the total area of the commune. Mostly those are average and weak soils – class IV – VI.
Similarly to other parts of the Leszno district, agriculture predominates in the commune of Święciechowa. Farmers successfully grow grain for fodder and breed animals.
Forests, woods and afforested land cover 4 294 ha, i.e. 3199% of the surface of the commune. Located on the Leszno plain and outwash, those are mixed forests; in the area of the Polish Trough there are mainly humid forests and alder swamps. Mostly those are forests of 40 or more years.

The commune is characterised by an agricultural landscape formed over its long history. The first shepherds’ agricultural settlements date back to 2000 BC. In the commune there are numerous archaeological excavations, nine of which are listed as cultural heritage under special archaeological protection. Those are four excavations in Gołanice, two each of Długie Stare and Trzebiny and one in Lasocice. The commune of Święciechowa has a stable, historic and undisturbed settlement system with its centre in Święciechowa. This is proved by the two overlapping road systems. The older one directed towards Święciechowa, which is a know of roads, along which the are the following villages: Przybyszewo, Lasocice, Długie Stare, Piotrowice, Gołanice, Krzycko Małe, Strzyżewice. The other system, with its centre in Leszno, overlaps with the first one. Only one village in the commune is directed towards Leszno. Its is Długie Nowe, located along the historic route from Głogów. The concentric road system around Leszno includes the following roads: Głogów – Wschowa – Leszno, Włoszakowice – Święciechowa – Leszno and Góra Śląska – Leszno; a stretch of the Głogów road, between Długie Nowe and Leszno, was laid out artificially in 19th century, crossing perpendicularly Długie Stare, Lasocice and Strzyżewice. The original concentric system of inclination to Święciechowa is visible in the location of the Strzyżewice settlement along the local road to Święciechowa and not towards Leszno.



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